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petty vendetta

Petty Vendetta, a fashion studio developed from the creative energies at Brandon Harris Art, seeks to blur the lines seperating art, fashion, style and design. The spirit of PETTY VENDETTA combines elements of street art with punk rock and traces of tattoo culture, all with a high end look and feel that is both unique and boutique.


At Petty Vendetta, each garment is completely hand painted.

This makes each produced a 1 / 1, an original work of art.

Designed to withstand years of frequent wear,  each garment looks just as amazing worn on the street as it would be mounted and hung as a traditional painting would be. The idea here is that these special garments, due to their artistic prowess and detailed craftsmanship push the limits of what is considered art or fashion. These wearable works of art will always pass the test of time regardless of the method of display.

Featuring both ready made designs and a Bespoke option where anything is possible, Petty Vendetta provides to collectors something truly original. Join us as we embark on a journey to master and combine the elements of art, style, and design.

Welcome to Petty Vendetta

how it works

1. select your size

First things first, lets make sure the piece fits the wearer or the wall,

Petty Vendetta jackets are made in the U. S. A.  and sizes are numerical (1 = small, 2 = med, 3 = large, 4 = XL, 5= XXL) and possess a sleek modern fit and ethos. for sizing assistance feel free to reach out as we are happy to satisfy any and all curiosities.

2. select your design

This is where the fun begins. Here at Petty Vendetta we have numerous designs to choose from. In the spirit of tattoo parlours, these designs act as flash, a basic outline that informs the direction and style the garment will occupy. Each design has its own story and our selection is constantly refreshed with new original flash that follows in the original style of Petty Vendetta.

3. select accents

Petty Vendetta is quite customizable. Our program allows collectors to have a say in some of the design elements in their garment (for a additional fee of course.) Choose whether or not you would like a clean look with a simple selection of flash, or go all out in full style with back and front accents and dont forget to add hardware to make it truly a Petty Vendetta signature piece.

get started

Ready to start your collection? Pick from one of the designs below to start creating your own Petty Vendetta Original.

DISCLAIMER: Bear in mind each garment is HAND PAINTED. While this makes these pieces totally unique it also means they take time to create. Please allow 6-8 weeks for completion and delivery.
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