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Brandon Harris creates with the sole purpose of melting minds through works overflowing with palpable energy, preposterous volume, and superfluous scale.


Mixing materials, techniques, and concepts with utmost attention to detail, intense colors and subjects, the works appear to vibrate off the wall and burn into the viewers psyche. With a mind focused on the future and an eye fixed on the past, this artist finds inventive ways to pay homage to classical techniques while presenting them with an avant-garde and contemporary flair.


Influenced by classical painters, luxury, surrealism, and iconography of the human experience,  these pieces were meant not only to decorate a wall, rather, they are designed to provoke thought and alter perspective. To capture an essence, magnify and explore the maximum, and leave the viewer in undeniable awe, wonder, and a grand sense of inspiration.


Ultimately, to inspire the minds of others is the the goal of every artist,

 and is the truest art form of all.

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